Customer Relationship Management

Our CRM is a powerful and great tool for Small and Medium Enterprises to deal with Organizations, Sales, Contact, Partners, Vendors and Suppliers. This software has an easy-to-use user interface that doesnt require much of a learning curve. Navigation of this software is pretty easy also.

Here are some of the features Filanta’s CRM has to offer:

Contact management. Filanta’s CRM offers a robust contact management system that lets you do more than a traditional address book would. In addition to storing phone numbers, addresses and other contact information, the software keeps other important data to give you a 360-degree view of each customer. For instance, each customer profile includes critical data like activity histories, deals they’re a part of, past communications (and which sales reps are communicating with them), where they are in the sales funnel, and internal notes and discussions.

Lead generation. The benefit of Filanta’s CRM’s lead-generation system is twofold: It lets you make smarter marketing decisions while giving you all the tools you need to turn those prospects into sales opportunities. First, the software gives you a big-picture view of each lead by tracking them all the way back to which campaigns and marketing channels they came from. This lets you see where your marketing efforts are and aren’t working, as well as which have the most impact on your sales pipeline. Next, Filanta’s CRM captures each lead’s most recent activities and contact information, and then automatically assigns them to the right sales reps for timely follow-ups.

Opportunity management. Filanta’s CRM lets you efficiently manage opportunities and quickly close sales with built-in deal evaluation and quoting tools. In just a few clicks, reps can create detailed quotes that automatically populate pertinent data — like customer information, quantities, pricing, payment terms, delivery information and more — and email it to the customer directly from the Filanta’s CRM platform. The software can also show you the value of each deal and the current stage of the deal, as well as track activities and receive alerts as accounts progress through the sales process. 

Forecasting. Manage sales forecasting in real time. Sales reps can quickly create sales forecasts that include all types of details, from monthly and periodic quota attainments to categories, revenues, contract values and customers. You and other members of your team can then review and adjust these forecasts in real time as you see fit and help sales reps reach their goals.

Reports. Filanta’s CRM aims to make it easy to generate and analyze reports. It features drag-and-drop reporting tools that include charts, graphs and the ability to zero in on categories and the smallest details. Reports also appear in the dashboard, so you get all the data you need as soon as you log in.